PageStream at Ylansi

PageStream is a professional desktop publishing program available for several platforms (Windows, Linux/X11, Mac OS9, Amiga and OS X). I have used PageStream since around 1994 and have created a number of borders and scripts for use with it. In addition to a built-in macro language, PageStream supports Python which is what my scripts use. The background used for these pages was created in PageStream using the Lorem Ipsum script to fill the text frame and the border is one of my creation.

Borders in PageStream are objects made up of one or more vector graphic elements. In fact a border can have up to 32 distinct elements: four corners, four middles, eight dashes—each being one of two tones. This particular border has one dash element that is used for each side, four distinct corners and two middle elements (one for the top and one for the bottom).

Depending on how the border was defined the individual pieces may be duplicated repeatedly (as the dash element is here). In addition (as here) they may be scaled to ensure a seamless appearance. And all the while the border width is maintained, regardless of the overall size of the border object. This allows one design to be used repeatedly: the width can be adjusted as suits, the overall size changed to match the layout, and the color set as desired.