Tutorial for Adding System Fonts (Windows Vista/Windows 7)

This is a very quick go at creating a tutorial for adding system fonts in Windows Vista or Windows 7. This is due to changes in how Windows presents the system fonts that prevent PageStream from accessing them via the checkbox.

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  1. Start PageStream
  2. Go to the file menu, select System Preferences, Fonts...
  3. Click the 'Add...' button in the Font Preferences dialog
  4. Select C:\Windows\Fonts in the "Browse for Folder" dialog and click OK.
  5. Notice that Installed Font Folders now lists the system font folder and click the Save button.
  6. Click the "New" document button in the navigator.
  7. Select the text article tool (circled in red). You can click-and-hold to get the flyout menu to select two or three column variations. The 'yellow' text frame is for non-printing notes. Just click on it to select the single column text frame tool.
  8. With the text frame tool active click in the upper right corner where the text frame will be and drag down to the lower right corner, then release.
  9. Select the text tool (circled in red). Verify the font—it should be Arial—in the Edit Palette (also circled in red).
  10. With the text tool active click in the text frame and type.