Tutorial for Creating Borders

This is a very quick go at creating a tutorial for creating borders with the CreateBorder script. You can also try this.

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  1. Open a new document
  2. Draw a 1" square box
  3. Run the CreateBorder.py Script
    1. Specify a name, like Test
    2. Leave the Delete Borders box checked
    3. Click the button to name the border
    4. Click the button to delete existing borders
  4. Make sure the box is selected and run the script again
  5. Allow the script to convert the box to a path
  6. Click the Dash button to add the selected path as a dash element
  7. This dialog appears
  8. Set the Path Width and Path Height to two inches
  9. Click the OK button
  10. Run the script again
    1. If the path was still selected click the Set Border button
    2. Leave the design size alone
    3. Set the default size to 0.5"
    4. Click the Save button
  11. Draw a border